"Future Baby Mama" lyrics - PRINCE

"Future Baby Mama"

I've heard it said my love was look-a-like
But could it be that I was lookin' 4 U?
They were cool but somethin' wasn't right
They had me fooled 4 a minute and then I saw the truth

None of them got what it akes, 2 b a future baby mama
Gotta bend in the wind but don't break, 2 keep yo man
Show me of them and I'll make her mine with no more drama
Future baby mama...

I've heard it said that I won't treat U right
But they ain't sure cuz I don't know nothin' about U
U're 2 secure 2 eva wanna fuss and fight
Tha's Y yo man neva eva got a reason 2 doubt U


Yeah I know U might b fine, but I've seen it all b 4,
Cinderella was a waste of time, then oops she's out the door
2 build a strong foundation, the thing that matters more,
Is under the floor, a strong foundation that lasts forever more