"June" lyrics - PRINCE


Pasta simmers on the stove in june
Makes no sense yet
But it will soon

Conversation starters come way 2 hard
Nobody wants 2 B the matyr
Playing the wrong cards
Y did U come 2 this planet
Y did U come 2 this life

How come everybody's dream & still B
Somebody's wife tell me what did U have 4
Lunch 2day
That's right
How would eye know u're off somewhere being
Free while eye starve in the lonesome cold
R bodies got used 2 each other
Now they R used 2 the sound of Richie Havens
Voice on the vinyl spinnin' round and round
Sometimes eye feel like eye was born way 2 late
Shoulda been born on the woodstock stage
But eye'm just here waiting & waiting & waiting

Somebody famous had a birthday 2day
But all eye saw was another full moon
What's that-something' Burnin' on the stove
It must B the Pasta

Yea, it's june