"The Blind Leaving The Blind: First Movement" lyrics - PUNCH BROTHERS

"The Blind Leaving The Blind: First Movement"

Tell me you want me to think
You can lead me to water you can make me drink
I trust you if you say it's good
You wouldn't hurt me and I don't think you could

Tell me what I don't need to keep
I over-packed and the sidewalk is steep
To your cathedral at the top of Nob Hill
It makes me tired and dear it always will

Tell me why I haven't been healed
I haven't changed and nothing's been revealed
And what's in the blood of the way and the light
That takes my sin Sunday morning and makes me drunk at night

Tell me that I'm more than a dream,
A golden hair prize you failed to redeem
Don't tell me that you've always known
That I'd wake up first and you'd wake up alone

The sweet young man
Goes walking down the street wiping blood off his hands
And it doesn't look good but he does what he can
To erase the signs
Of the nightmare he faced at the scene of the crime
She snuck up behind him
As he knelt by her victim
Whispered I knew you'd come
There's nothing to be done
And if I were you I'd run
'Cause no one cares
About how you felt
When they see any signs of guilt
You kissed its face
You held its hand
You always were a sweet young man

He's still a mess
So he hires a car
To take him to the fountain at Balboa Park
Where he used to play
When he was young
He's gonna wash off in front of god and everyone