"Call On Me"

In this fading twilight
After all have left your side
One sweet shadow standing by
The edge of time
One last sweet "I love you"
To echo through the ages
To stir the dusty cavern
Of the cold heart of time

And there was no beginning
And nobody knows who's winning
'Cept this end of my lonely day
And I believe the story is tired
But it don't make much difference anyway
'Cause I ain't got no place to hide
And no one to run to

I need someone to hold my hand
Someone to understand
Someone I can talk to in the night
She don't have to have a whole lot to say
Just a little girl who wants to go my way
Some sweet lady, with a mind to do me right
Talkin' 'bout a sweet sweet lovin'
Sweet sweet lovin' babe
A little tender understanding
It's all that everybody needs
So remember baby
In this crazy world
If you ever need somebody
You can call on me
Call on me