"Dreams Of You" lyrics - RALPH MCTELL

"Dreams Of You"

How can I bear it?
Knowing you're here
Whilst I'm here and not there
And I'm nowhere and everywhere
Dreaming of you

I dream of you baby
It's driving me crazy
These dreams of you

And how can I hope to
Do what I'm supposed to?
When all that I want
When all that I need
Is just to be close to you

And if love is good
Then how come it hurts so much
I long for your smile
I long for your smile
Your body, your sweet touch

The dreams I've had baby
Are driving me crazy
How much can I stand?
Like an old tune that haunts me
It's driving me crazy

But morning must come soon
And dreams like an old tune
That's been round my brain
Will finally leave me
When you're in my arms again