"Genesis I Verse 20" lyrics - RALPH MCTELL

"Genesis I Verse 20"

Mother of Adam how can I conceive
The garden of light oh father of Eve
Lo something stirs your still waters move from the land
I see him turn twixt sea and earth see him stand

Vapour and forest leaf fern and trees
Volcano and rainstorm how slowly he breathes
What do you feel what colours before your eyes
Greatest of creatures do you see the sun rise.

Lava and brimstone in air where no bird has flown
Lake swamp and river skin of slippery stone
Night time and cooling the moon is changing too
Five days and lightening salt dried and whitening you

Thunder and rainbow flower fruit and spring
Above you the currents are moved by the leather of wings
Tendagaroo does the minowing sea have a plan
The time slips away and on the sixth day will come man.