"Sleepy Time Blues" lyrics - RALPH MCTELL

"Sleepy Time Blues"

When your mind starts dreaming,
Your heart starts stealing
Here comes them Sleepy Time Blues
Sure as the train's
Rolling down the track
Better go to sleep
Before the blues gets back
Go to sleep boys,
Don't blow no fuse
I know you want to stay awake
But it just ain't no use
Better go to sleep
And turn your tired mind loose
Here comes them Sleepy Time Blues

It's time for sleeping
For the dawn comes creeping
In its early morning shoes
Turn it in
Try to forget
You don't really need
Another cigarette.
Your throat is tired,
Your mind's all sore,
Your head is aching
Don't you know what's more
You can't remember
What you're staying up for
Here comes them Sleepy Time Blues

The more you fret
The worse it gets
It's time to call it a day
Then after you've slept
And you open your eyes
You're sure to be in
For a nice surprise
Lose them blues,
It's out of style
Tomorrow you'll find that it
Wasn't worthwhile
And come the morning
You'll have to smile
When you think about
Your Sleepy Time Blues.