"It's Only Money" lyrics - RANDY BACHMAN

"It's Only Money"

Ain't it crazy - ain't it funny
Playin' games and losing money
It's easy come and easy go
You play the race, win, place or show

Some choose the blues
They make their own bad luck
They bring their own bad news
Make it heads you win, and tails you lose
It's only money, it's only money

It's so easy, gettin' credit
Just sign your llife away, that's how you get it
It's in one pocket and out the other
It moves so fast, why do we bother?

I'm on a roll, I'm not mistaken
My palms are sweating, my knees are shakin'
Life's a gamble, no way to fake it
You see a chance, you gotta take it

Don't choose the blues
Just be your own good luck
And bring your own good news
Make it heads you win, and tails they lose
It's only money (5 and dime)
It's only money (yours and mine)
It's only money (see it shine)
It's only money (it's so fine)