"Allergic To The Blues" lyrics - RANDY TRAVIS

"Allergic To The Blues"

Yes i hid your car keys, honey
Yes i hid your suitcase
And i'm the reason you can't find
Your makeup and your toothpaste
And i'll do anything it takes
To keep you here with me
Losing you's a sure way
To set off my allergies

I'm allergic to the blues
I get these teardrops in my eyes
You know i've always had a bad reaction to goodbyes
So 'till they find some injection
To calm that love rejection
All i've got to save me now is you
I'm allergic to the blues

It wont be five minutes
After you walk out that front door
'till i'll be fightin' for my breath and
Feelin' like i'm done for
Well they might find me froze to death
In our bed alone
Now do you really want that
On your conscience while your gone