"Reasons I Cheat" lyrics - RANDY TRAVIS

"Reasons I Cheat"

A working day too long, when everything goes wrong
And a boss who don't know I'm alive
I once had a notion I'd get that promotion
But now I barely survive

A wife too demanding, with no understanding
Of why I stay dead on my feet
Adinly lit tavern, a willing youg woman
Are some of the reasons I cheat

My children keep growin'
My age keeps on showin'
Like all of my old friends I meet
So I'm gettig older
Ny life's growing colder
Just some of the reasons I cheat

The hair that i'm losing and a woman who's choosing
To lay sound asleep by my side
The bills they are mounting, that's when I start counting
On smoeone to help soothe my pride
A lady that knows me, affection she shows me
And a smile so easy and sweet
The dreams that I've buried, the load that I carry
Are some of the reasons I cheat