"Love Never Dies" lyrics - RAY WYLIE HUBBARD

"Love Never Dies"

She is Mother Maybelle Carter's wildwood flower
She walks like a spirit upon the Earth
Lost one without a trace now she's grateful for the grace
And she stands and delivers what she's worth

She calls me her handsome high plains drifter
She tells me I got an old soul behind my eyes
Like a fire in a thunderstorm she is a spark divine and warm
And I believe her when she tells me love never dies

She says it's true true love lasts forever
And when there's no more wild ponies left
To ride and the Earth falls away what's matter fades to gray
True love is just as strong on the other side

She is Marianne Faithful's broken English
She tells me of a land where no one cries
Where we've risen from the dust to a place there is no rust
And I know for Heaven's sake love never dies