"Name Droppin'" lyrics - RAY WYLIE HUBBARD

"Name Droppin'"

Jon Dee Graham, Jon Dee Graham
Never been to Birmingham
Makes his living with an old lap slide
Gonna take Willie for a pony ride

Let it rain let it pour
I ain't gonna stay at war no more
If you got a mind to you can sing
If you got a body baby shake that thing

Darcie Deville, Darcie Deville
Sweeter than a whiskey still
Got her fiddle got her a bow
Plays barefooted with painted toes

Scr*ppy Judd, Scr*ppy Judd
Got Muddy Waters in his blood
That young man can sing the blues
He don't even tie his shoes

Mary Gauthier, Mary Gauthier
She write all night, sleep all day
Damndest thing I ever seen
Was that woman in a limousine

Mambo John, Mambo John
It's sad he's gone on
When he beat his drum I'd believe
He was the prophet of the blessed leaf