"The Beauty Way" lyrics - RAY WYLIE HUBBARD

"The Beauty Way"

My father made a pretty dam good living
Playin' music on the beauty way
He's gonna die with some money in his pocket

Wish I could do the same today, little Darlin'
Wish I could do the same today

Lil' white kid and a little transister tuned into Wolfman Jack.
I picked up a guitar, heard the sirens whisper
And I never looked back, little Darlin'.
And I never looked back.

I worked the clubs along the San Gradey Crystal
Polished a diamond in the rough.
By the time I hit LA I was hotter than a pistol.

But you never have enough, little Darlin'
You never really had enough.

I felt the lights on the big, big stages:
Fire bunin in my Soul.
I've had those nights where my guitar rages.
But it's not something you control, little Darlin'
It's not something you control.


Read tail diving for a rat on the sunset.
Coyote pickin' through the trash.
But I Wish I was lyin' like a cat in the sun instead of
Workin like a dog for the cash, little Darlin'
Workin like a dog for the cash

Sometimes I wish I could unplug this cord.
And my soul and all the money I could save
But every time I think quit this beauty way
I hear my bones just turning in their grave
Little darlin'.
Bones just twirlin in their grave.

Hey hh hhh hey hey heyaaa he ah.