"I Want A Cowboy" lyrics - REBA MCENTIRE

"I Want A Cowboy"
(Katrina Elam, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Jimmie Lee Sloas)

Everybody told me he was dream,
Picture perfect, like he'd stepped right off the silver screen.
Said that he would sweep me off of my feet,
But I'm still standin' here, no he didn't do it for me..

Cuase I don't go for all that wine and dine,
With that ray ban, fake tan, never mind,
I want a down-home, up with the sun rise man,
A pick-up truck driving, bull riding, strong steaded hand,
I want the Wranglers, Stetson, and all that stuff,

I Want the real McCoy, I want a cowboy.
I'm tired of talking about it, and wasting my time..