RHONDA VINCENT lyrics - Kentucky Borderline

"Kentucky Borderline"
(Terry Herd / Rhonda Vincent)

She pulled out of Mobile
In the pouring rain,
Moving through the darkness
Like a hurricane.
From southern gulf Port waters
To the Cumberland so green,
Louisville by Nashville
And all points in between.
Pounding out a rhythm
Making up lost time,
Heading for that
Bluegrass state of mine.

White smoke a rollin'
Whistle a blowin'
Listening to her engine keeping time
Kentucky borderline.

Montgomery by morning
Birmingham by noon,
Onward through the distance
Upward to the moon.
Her lonesome whistle cries
A low sighed refrain,
Like the boys down on Beale street
Singing of the pain.
No one is gonna stop her
From her appointed rounds,
This train is moving on
It's glory bound.

Her lungs are full of fire
Breathing burning coal,
A raging locomotion
Like thunder when it rolls.
Singing for the mighty
Who cast her molten steel,
Drawed the spike and laid the rail
To ride beneath her wheels.
The pride of our nation
She's a monument to them,
A southern bell
That mighty L&N