"What's The Matter, Please?" lyrics - RICHIE FURAY

"What's The Matter, Please?"

I wish that you would listen and maybe try to understand
There just ain't nothin' here to hurt you
You don't know me yet to say so like you do
'Cause each time that I write you, you make me out to be your fool.

Baby, what's the matter please?

If I give you lovin' from way down deep inside
You say I'm just pretending but if I had something to hide
Would I stand up to have you laugh right in my face?
I'm a simple man of love, is that to my disgrace?

Baby, what's the matter please?

Lonely nights, thinkin' what should I do?
Draw the line, I got feelings too, that's right
But I'll love you and try to put your heart at ease
Babe, what's the matter please?

Precious moments are so few
Looking for the love I thought I knew.

My life seems like a hundred years a day
Waiting in this dream or in a nightmare should I say
'Cause all I'm askin's we never give away
That little bit of something that meant so much yesterday.

Baby, what's the matter please? Oh
Baby, please.