"After Prayers" lyrics - RICK WAKEMAN

"After Prayers"

Hold me
In the morning
While the stillness is there
Gentle lover
Whisper to me you still care

Touch me
Touch me gently
I need you
I need you there
So hold me
Every morning
With just love in the air

Never want to lose you again
Never handle the pain
Of anybody else
In your life
Again but me

Never want to cry anymore
Never weep as my tears
Run deep in rivers of regret
Through my life
Looking for you

Call me
Call me in the morning
I need you
I need you to set me free
Help me
Help to save me
Throw the lifelines of love to me

Come to me and hold me
Remember what you told me
Only you can open me

Dreaming is for sleeping
Loving is for keeping on
Never try to fight love

Call me
In the morning
Don't try to fight me
Please don't try

I only want to hold you
Hold you closely
Then I want to love you
Until I die

I pray
You know I pray a lot
To give you everything, everything I've got
Then I have to stop
And wait, wait for you to answer

Listen, listen to me
Listen once for me
Or call me
Or shout to me
Or shout love

Take me in the morning
The loving stillness

I want you
I want to hold you
Hold you every morning
A love to share

So just call me
Call me in the morning
My answer
After prayers

Call me
In the morning
Call me
After prayers

Oh love
Love you in the morning
After prayers