ROBERT PLANT lyrics - Slow Dancer

"Slow Dancer"

Slow dancer - no answers
For you new moves to see
Fast talker in dark corners
For you new words to hear
Sly glances - half chances
For you the eye that sees

When the sun slips from the day and the coolness brings relief
There's no torment 'neath the stars in the stillness of the night
When the swirling has to cease behind the safety of the veil

In high places - darkened faces
So indifferent in days to be
Lost races - no losers
Only winners return to see
New order - can't be altered
When the eyes refuse to see

When the sun slips from the day [etc - repeated]

Soft spoken - never could be broken
Waiting the dawn light with me
Slow burning - school of learning
Don't hasten it down on me
Hearts leaping - hopes been reaching
To the heights, to the heights - these signs to see

Oh baby -- in the darkness, in the darkness --