RODNEY CROWELL lyrics - Telephone Road

"Telephone Road"

Rain came down in endless sheets of thunder
Lightnin' bolts split pine trees down to the roots
In the shadow of the Astrodome with a hurricane comin' on strong
We used to hit the streets and go swimming in our birthday suits

Skiing in a bar ditch behind a moped
13 stitches on the corner of a sardine can
We were dirt poor Houston kids our whole family living on the skids
But we always had a nickel for the comin' of the ice cream man

Mosquito truck blowing up DDT
Barefoot heathens running wild and free
Air raid buzzer at a noon-day scream
Living in a dream on Telephone Road

I used to love them cherry Cokes down at the Prince's Drive-In
And the cheeseburgers taste so good I like to come untied
There's a Chinaberry tree I remember I used to climb in and out of my window
The night I left was on the day before my Grandma died

Sawdust spread out on a dance hall floor
Jukebox ripping at an all-out roar
Barmaid smiling at a 10 cent tip
Living is a trip on Telephone Road

Magnolia Garden bandstand on the very front row
Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and the Killer puttin' on a show
Six years old and just barely off my daddy's knee
When those rockabilly rebels sent the Devil running right through me

A drive-in movie in the trunk of my car
A one-eyed sailor in an ice house bar
Split-shine Charlie and ol' Peg-leg Bill are dressed up fit to kill on Telephone Road

Telephone Road, Telephone Road

Barbecue and beer on ice
A salty watermelon slice at the Little Taste of Paradise
On Telephone Road