"Humanizzimo: Only Human" lyrics - ROINE STOLT

"Humanizzimo: Only Human"

Walking tall, I'm coming your way
I've got nothing to give, I've got nothing to say
Sometimes feeble, sometimes lost
Only human, I carry no cross
Even if the Raven fly, women weep and children cry
We turn our back to the evil days, enter in the hall of grace
And even if the day goes by, you sometimes seem to wonder why
Aquiring the better days with a smile upon your face
Walking the Broadway in the blaze of fame
Look for one of a kind, they look all the same
Sometimes mistress, sometimes Queen
Somone's lost in between
She might be brilliant, She might be star
She's only human, we all know who you are
Even if the spirit fly and voices of angels passing by
We're puzzled by the speed of light
In starships in the starless night
And even if we're far from home, like strangers in a waiting room
Mothers whisper nursey rhymes, like childhood days
In a long lost time