"Stray" lyrics - ROLLINS BAND


I'm attracted, your distracted
I connect without dejection
As I fool my sad tormented mind
I take me more than what I need
I lie myself to sleep
I see the truth playin' in your eyes
You don't feel a thing for me
All I ever wanted was someone to really want me

Why do you always fade away?
Why do you never want me?

I took the blades off the hook
Ripped my flesh as I shook
My head from side to side in disbelief

Couldn't find out what I need
I'm pressed by what I lack
I nagged my heart to make it stop
But it beats me anyway
All I ever wanted was someway to stop the pain


Why do I let you let me down?
I live my life inside a lie
I won't go hard my dreams just die
When they try to make themselves come true
Loneliness is the only thing that never lies to me
In my mind I've talked to you
And told you thinks you never knew

It breaks my heart to know you'll never notice


Why do you never stay?
Why?, why can't break out of myself?
Why?, why am I addicted to this culture?

I feel it makes me hate myself

Everytime I see you I wanna rip my eyes so...
My heart is a wasteland a bitter soul to pry


Why?, why do you leave me here alone, alone, alone, alone?