"We Can Do What We Like" lyrics - ROSANNE CASH

"We Can Do What We Like"

If I don't make promises will you stay around
I won't let you hurt me
I know better by now
It's hard to control it
It hurts to decide if we trust in tomorrow
We can do what we like

You're a poet by nature, a drifter by heart
A change from the old ways
A love in the dark
It might be my conscience
It's hurting your pride
We may get pass heartache
We can do what we like

You can close the last door on my past
My eyes are set forward
My charts are in order
My hands are tied behind my back
I would not deny you or catch you off guard
For old souls with young minds can take things so hard
While we practise the distance I keep you in sight
After the snow clears
We can do what we like