"Still On The Road" lyrics - ROSEMARY CLOONEY

"Still On The Road"
(Bill Mumy/Earl Brown)

The wind howls through Chicago
And winter there is still bitter cold
And old D.C.
Looks just the same to me
And I'm still on the road

The cable cars still climb San Francisco
Carrying their busy load
New York hasn't changed
The apple's still the same
And I'm still on the road

Hi old friend, how you been
That's right it's me again
One more time, yeah I'm feeling fine
Let's do this thing and make it shine

Oh the road gets tawdry and tiresome
Sometimes I think I'm ready to fold
But I feel half my age
When I'm stanging on stage
And I'm glad I'm still on the road

One night stands far from home
Singing some lonesome song
But when they light the lights and I hear the band
I know I'm right where I belong

I've got thousands of smiles to remember
And I've heard so many sweet stories told
I don't have a shread of regret
And it's a real safe bet
That next year I'll be still on the road

Yes I'll always be still on the road
And I'm happy I'm still on the road