"3 Cool Cats" lyrics - RY COODER

"3 Cool Cats"

(original in F) Capo in 5th fret.
(C) - (F) - (G)
2 beats F, 2 beats G, 2 beats C
Throughout most the song.

(F) Three (G) cool (C) cats.
(F) Parked in a (G) corner in a (C) beat-up car,
Dividing up a nickel candy bar,
Talking all about how sharp they are,
These three cool cats.
Three cool chicks.
Walking down the street, just swinging their hips,
Splitting up a bag of potato chips.
And three cool cats did three big flips
For three cool chicks.
(C) Up bopped the first cool cat. (A#) "Man, look at that.
(G#) Man, do you see what I (G) see?
(C) I want that middle chick." (A#) "I want the little chick."
(G#) "Hey man, save one chick for (G) me!"
Three cool chicks.
They looked like angels from up above.
And three cool cats really fell in love,
But three cool chicks made three fools
Out of three cool cats.