"Look At Granny Run Run" lyrics - RY COODER

"Look At Granny Run Run"
(J. Ragovoy/M. Shuman)

Said, look at Granny run, run
Grandpa runnin' close behind.
Look at Granny run, run, ah... there's something on Grand-daddy's mind.
Because he went to the doctor, got a brand new pill.
The doctor said, "Son, you ain't over the hill."
He can't sit still.
Great, gosh, almighty, won't you...
Look at Granny run, run, faster than a Greyhound bus. [Granny, you better run]
Look at Granny run, run, now Grandpa is gettin' serious. [Somebody's calling you]
Well, he woke up in the middle of the night.
Said, "Look-a here baby, everything's alright."
It was such a sight
Great, gosh, almighty, won't ya...

Well, look at Granny run, run
Grandpa runnin' closer now.
No matter how she run, run, he gonna catch her anyhow.
Well, he jumped up and he began to shout
Granny come a-running with the mouth poked out
Said, "Look here, pretty Mama, stop your carrying on
All I want's a little loving just before I'm gone
Ain't nothing wrong"
Hear my Lord, singing
Great, gosh, almighty

[You better run]
[Somebody's calling you]
Look at Granny run, run.
Well, I feel like my time ain't [long], time ain't [long] time ain't [long]