"Can't Lose" lyrics - RZA

"Can't Lose"
feat. Kinetic 9

(Man singing continuously)
"Can't lose..."

What, What
Four Shellies
What, What, What

Four shellies rip through his belly
Blast him right outside of Mike's deli
Dip to the tele
Call my bird up on the celle
Bobby what Bobby lust I walk strange
And talk strange
Long range sniper aims
Swiss cheese your brain
I don't sleep
And don't eat meat
Rest twice a week
Speak without moving my lips
Got fifty pairs of sneaks
Fingerprint proof rubber grips
Hollow tip clips
Eight ounce sip bud nips
We crack private do chips
And clock a bird off the block
Straight away from a flock
Just caught me at the bus stop
Twist the Snapple top
Off, pierced her breast
Kept her hair processed
No panties underneath the dress
Wally ankle bracelet
Polo frames
Her shades had no name
I slowed my game
Thick gold chains
Make your eyes flame
Up against the Bodega gate
She stay straight
Perfect figure eight
Shape, couldn't wait
To bust her grape
With the applehead
Legs spread open
Invincible body armor
My scarlet blade will slice the leg
From the Shaolin llama

'Cause I...("can't lose")

'Cause I...("can't lose")

(Yo) 'Cause I...("can't lose)

(Beretta Nine)
Yo, 2001summer heat
Icy hot, play the street
Twelve month, seven day a week
Cat in eye, we hit
Blunts hard
Fuck birds hard
Bitch slap retards
Quick fast
Wind up in mass
Body cast, it's like
Don't start shit
Won't be shit
Allah quick to spot shit
Smash hit
You know the name kid
Don't splash it
Pop a joint and blast it
The shit sound
Hype in your whip
Make you take the car and crash it
Always speak actual
Only deal with natural
One hundred percent
Five percent
Militant in aim
With the intent
Beretta Nine, blast mine
On some empty the clip