"Temporary Phase" lyrics - SAUSAGE

"Temporary Phase"

Suppose I take a dollar bill and I crumple it in my hand,
Won't it take such empathy to make you understand,
That I am just a little boy?

I look up at the moon and I see it's made of cheese,
[?] is called from her knees.
I know I shouldn't try and cross the street without my ma.
I'm stuck to the finer things, you're protected by the law.
'Cause it's a temporary phase.

And it's running round and round and round and round about your side,
She's down beneath the water slide.

Boy you look up at the moon, you see its made of rocks.
Your imagination's 22, it preaches when it talks.
You really shouldn't try to change your mind without your ma,
When it comes down to Biology, she says "Boy, Ask Your Pa".
'Cause it's a temporary phase.
It's just a temporary phase.

It's just a temporary phase...