"Battering Ram" lyrics - SAXON

"Battering Ram"

Come worship at the metal church
Let your voices rise as one
Stand before the barricades
Prepare yourself for what's to come
These walls will resonate tonight
To the sound of screaming hordes

Decibels will rise above
To fill this concert hall
Are you ready to begin
Then let the hammer fall
Like a battering ram

These walls will turn to dust tonight
Long before the aftershock
Foundations crack the buildings shake
Reverberating pounding rock
Through the smoke you hear the sound
The sound of metal striking steel

Do you feel adrenaline
Racing through your heart
Take it up to overload
Let's tear this place apart
Like a battering ram

Let our voices fill the hall
Like we've never done before
Let me hear your battle call
Let me hear your battle call
Let me hear you one and all

Welcome to the house of steel
This is where we stand or fall
Capturing the atmosphere
Trapped inside these hallowed halls
We stand inside this metal church
Together now we are reborn

Decibels will rise above
Breaking down the walls
Crank it up to overload
Watch the hammer fall
Like a battering ram
Like a battering ram