"Holding Out" lyrics - SHARON VAN ETTEN

"Holding Out"

I was warned
I your humble Alamo kind of world
Around you and all you are
I was fooled by the way you take me seriously
Even when Im joking

Damn damn damn damn
Im not tired and Im tired
Im not calling out
Cross the street I was holding out
Holding out cross the table
I was holding out
Trying to find a lover like that holding out
Like the wind I was holding out
Staying still hoping no one else would see me
Hoping calm replacing silent trying tongues
Do I need a reason to hold you now
'Cause I'd hold you now
Yeah I would hold you now
One night and all I need is one more day
Holding out something that feels okay

And the right thing to do is wait
Holding out
Holding out
Holding out for you
I am strange, believed in fairy tales at a young age
Circumstance now I kick my self in the pants
Down the street talk to you, tires screech
Isn't it strange I had a chance now were holding out
Hoping that the last string won't break
I'm nodding out
With a smile stuck on my face
And then you came to me in a far away way
And I'm bring you something I want you to have
It's the biggest part of my heart that I still got
Hoping arms
Know I'll be holding out
I'll be holding out
Holding out
I'll be holding out
Holding out
Holding out
Holding out
For you