"One Small Year" lyrics - SHAWN COLVIN

"One Small Year"

One small year
It's been an eternity
It's taken all of me to get here
In this one small year

The hands of time
They pushed me down the street
They swept me off my feet to this place
And I don't know my fate

Now through the night
I can pretend
The morning will make me whole again
And everyday
I can begin
To wait for the night again

One more tomb
That never will be dug
It's just another one for the moon
For the days in the ruin

Just today
I woke up feeling fine
That the world was mine, air was clean
But it was a dream

Where out of the blue
Came you and me
The Wizard of Oz had set us free
You let me float you to your feet
Just like you believed in me
It's like you believed in...

One small year
I wonder where I'll go
It's shouldn't seem so alone or so weird
But I was always here
I was always here

Just one small year