"It Might Be Me" lyrics - SHELBY LYNNE

"It Might Be Me"

I can see it your eyes
And it's written in your face
Love's taken its toll on you
And left a bitter taste

You're tired and you're lonely
You're beaten and you're bruised
Your heart has grown weary
Just trying to find a little truth

It might be me
Lord, It might be me
If you still have an ounce of faith
I might be what you need... ohhhh

It might be me... oooh
It might be me to set you free
If you're still reaching for the light lord
Well it might be me

Have a little courage
Baby baby take my hand
All anybody in this old world
Is just one good friend...
I'm telling you


Lay all your troubles down on me baby
I'll show you what to believe in
I know just what you're feeling
Everybody needs some healing can't you see...