"Loser Dreamer" lyrics - SHELBY LYNNE

"Loser Dreamer"
(S. Lynne)

Loser Dreamer dream on
Loser Dreamer dream on
Can't be but what you are
Got your head up in the stars
Dream on

Unraveled by your passion
Of your hearts dissatisfaction
Dream on, dream on

Loser Dreamer Dream on
Loser Dreamer dream on
If love is what you're after
Then you're looking at disaster
Dream on

Romance ain't important
Leaves him disappointed
Dream on dream on

You won't ever understand
What ebbs and flows inside the man
Society's a stranger in his mind
What he don't want, he ain't missing
Leaves more time for reminiscing
He don't have nothing but time
To Dream On.

Loser Dreamer Dream on
Loser dreamer dream on
He's one inside his thoughts
That's the company he wants
Dream on

He's a loner not a lover
He don't need no other
Dream on, dream on.
Dream on, Dream on,
Dream on