"Over You" lyrics - SHERYL CROW

"Over You"

I feel like cherry wine
Like Valentines
Like a spring is coming
And everything is all right

I've got a love that's new
I hear you're happy too
That's the way it should be
But lately I feel like crying

I wanna get over you
But you're everywhere
And I just can't get away
I gotta get over you
'Cause it's just not fair
That I still see your face

I heard your name today
I walked away
'Cause everyone's still talking
I don't need that in my life

Got better things to do
Than worry about you
I'm gonna keep on walking
But sometimes I don't know why

Well we had a good time
But time goes on
You didn't really want me until I was gone

I wanna get over you
Before you get over me
Over me