"Now You Want To Be Loved" lyrics - SHIRLEY BASSEY

"Now You Want To Be Loved"
("Des Rondes Dans L'Eau")

Now you want to be loved,
Yet you want to be free.
Your world is full of dreams,
Of what you hoped would be.

You would never be lost
And where love was concerned,
Your rivers would be crossed
And bridges could be burned.

It was great to be free
All the world to explore
And you would hold the key,
To open any door.

Now you want to be loved,
There's no peace in your mind,
For suddenly you grow
And suddenly you find
That the world is not a dream
And this you have to learn
A very precious love,
Is something you must earn.

Is your heart still as sure,
As it was in your dream?
Are you thoughts still as pure
And not what they may seem?

Were you always the same,
Taking others for fools?
Are you playing a game
And making up the rules?

Do you cherish your love,
Or regret with a sigh?
Will you laugh at the world
As each day passes by?

Now you want to be loved,
Yet you want to be free,
But love is not a game
This can never be.

You're sincere you believe,
To yourself you are true,
But what can you achieve
When miracles are few?

Comes a time you awake
To the way you must live,
For those who love to take,
Sometimes have got to give.

If you want to be loved,
You can never be free,
So face up to the truth
And someday you may see
If you open your heart
And your heart can be true,
As you want to be loved,
Your love will come to you.