"The Magumba State" lyrics - SHPONGLE

"The Magumba State"

The magumba state is when one
Becomes everything
One melts into humanity, into eternity, into infinity
One becomes all things at all times in all places

Trying to surround our smiles and tears
Hiding from our nameless fears
Sacred water, sunlight stream
Until I fell asleep amid my dream

Restless wind blow within the trees
We hear the sacred melody

Sacred water, sunlight streams
'Til I fell asleep amid my dream

There's a deeper magic
Unspoken, telepathic
Burning in the wasteland
Turn away your face and
Come into the clearing
The fog is disappearing
Everything forgiven
Nothing is forbidden
The energy buzzing
Time is made for loving

This is a... a warning
If, uh, you're afraid
You should leave me now
We're gonna go
Into the spirit world