"Vapour Rumours" lyrics - SHPONGLE

"Vapour Rumours"
(Simon Posford / Raja Ram)

...crashed spacecraft. An explanation that invokes sentient, extra terrestrial enitities are somehow active on Earth. But certainly there is a vast quantity of documentation on the phenomena of unidentified flying objects
We can not rule out the possibility that creatures, who may well be superior to us, are interested in what is happening on our Earth. These unidentified flying objects that appear to display unique characteristics, such as their speed, their rapid manouvering and so on, must be studied in the interest of mankind
I do not hold the view of some UFOlogists, that this is all in the mind
It's 3 o'clock, on what may well be the most important afternoon in the history of this world. Humanity's first contact with an extra terrestrial species
We're receiving a transmission. We're seeing some sort of vapour. I don't know, gas or something? Wait - something is happening!