"Fall Into Oblivion" lyrics - SILENT FORCE

"Fall Into Oblivion"
(Alex Beyrodt / D.C. Cooper)

Content with crooked justice
Backs against the wall
Running every way he can, finds a way avoids the fall
Always in the wrong place
Never one that's right
Wonders how he got here, ends up fighting for his life

He must survive
He must stay alive

Fall into oblivion
His life just slips away
Fall into oblivion
He must feel so betrayed
Fall into oblivion
He fights to stay alive
Blood will flows like water
Wiil he survive

Stand beside the one
The one he will betray
Judgement comes with one
Strike that's on its way
Chained and sent to hell
Jail or so it seems
Wonders how he got here
Is this real or in between

He must be wrong
He has to be wrong

Laughing at himself again
Saying there has got to be an end
Thinks of those who shakes their heads
Wonders how it happens
Thinks of those whos sitting there
Judging what will happen to him

In the cold cell
Decides to make his move
Only then he realized
Nothing left to do

Hear him praying
Hear him praying out your name