"Tennessee" lyrics - SILVER JEWS

(D.C. Berman)

[Verse 1: David Berman]
I saw the river playing in the valley
Rushing 'round a bend and skipping stones
I saw the meadow wobble in the moonlight
I've come to get my girl and take her home

Her doorbell plays a bar of Stephen Foster
Her sister never left and look what it cost her
We're gonna live in Nashville and I'll make a career
Out of writing sad songs and getting paid by the tear

Marry me and leave Kentucky
Come to Tennessee
'Cause you're the only ten I see
You're the only ten I see

[Chorus 2: Cassie Berman]
I've looked through offices and honky-tonks for men man enough to be
Mr. Mrs. Tennessee
Mr. Mrs. Tennessee

Punk rock died when the first kid said
"Punk's not dead, punk's not dead"
You know Louisville is death, we've got to up and move
Because the dead do not improve

Goodbye users and suckers and steady bad luckers
We're off to the land of club soda unbridled
We're off to the land of hot middle-aged women
Off to the land whose blood runneth orange


[Chorus 2]