"Promise Blender" lyrics - SKILLET

"Promise Blender"
(John L. Cooper / Ken Steorts)

When I was a young boy
I saw a vision of your face
I made a my first promise to you
Yeah you know it took some time
But I love you now I realize

I am a promise maker
I am a promise breaker

On the road to faithfulness
I sometimes forget your name
But I can still see your face
And time after time
I hear you calling my name
I got to name for me, I got to a name
I got to name for me, I got to name

I am the promise maker
I am the promise breaker

On my knees for the last time
I could rip my heart out every day
I made my last promise to you
Yeah I could cry I could cry a million tears a day
And all I would hear you say is

You are the promise taker[3x]
You put them in your promise blender

You took me, and you own me
And you bought me, and you love me
Promise keeper, keeper, keeper