"The Remainder" lyrics - SLEATER-KINNEY

"The Remainder"

One and one and one is two
All this and more you said was true
And if you'd left me ground to stand on
I'd run so far away from you
What do you do with a remainder?
You round it up or round it down
And if you're scared by what you're left with
Destroy the answer that you've found

You were the one
When the day had begun
The sun was shining on us
Blinding me such
That I couldn't see
There was a hole beneath me
And then you watched me fall
With no expression at all

There is an absolute zero
But you won't find it on your own
Only someone else can show you nothing
And leave you with a gaping hole

You were the one
When the storm rolled in
The sky was grey like your heart
With no color at all
I don't know you like this
You're as reckless as wind
And I couldn't predict
Just the way this would end