"Tomorrow's Grave" lyrics - SLEATER-KINNEY

"Tomorrow's Grave"

The scent of the wind, it is filled with our sins
And the ashes of promises never fulfilled

Before the night, I saw the setting sun
One lullaby for all we should have done
As the earth went dry, my heart was filled with shame
Today, a home and tomorrow, a grave

Well, now I'm wiser, now I understand
I'm the drought, I am the barren land
I'm the flooding and the rising tide
I'm the heat, the wind, the fire, and ice

I dreamt of trees and I dreamt of fur
I felt my shape begin to fade and blur
Climbed up branches, read the bark like words
What have I ever given up in return?

The sky was gone when at last I awoke
Daylight trapped behind a deadly cloak
The silence speaks like a muted scream
The pain of nothing and no air to breathe