"Dogfish Rising" lyrics - SLIPKNOT

"Dogfish Rising"

[Intro: Frank Plumley]
There's a dog loose in the wood

[Verse 1: Frank Plumley]
Dogfish risin'
It's good full knowin'
Right-wing and loo
In the 1990's
That's got a nice groove here

[Verse 2: Frank Plumley]
I saw a human hand
Windmills like two
Something in my left
Screaming sphincter muscles
Postniff scruchies

[Verse 3: Frank Plumley]
Dogfish risin'
Burn 'em for their nipples
Another rubber Rolex
So skinny, Allah knows
Who wrote these lyrics?
Battery-powered power tool
Black and decker dildos
Pulley public pocked head
Pop sweet ebolas (pop three holes)
God spoke to me!

[Verse 4: Sean McMahon]
Dogfish risin'
Blistered cabbage
Oral fist toe dead yolk
Burnt plateboom crass
What take three goshen
Lactate freely
Stack book bush books
Book and flip books
Red number cushion
Mike don't fuckin' laugh!

[Verse 5: Sean McMahon]
Dogfish risin'
Fronted burpin' art
Pinpoint pins bud
Quarter-inch off, fat
What are you laughin' at?
Grip grope squeegee
Crisp Cookie Crisp food finger
Agrawn stick width
Corn beef scotis
Fuckin' that dog bitch is dead

[Outro: Sean McMahon]
I'm the hell outta here guys. See ya later
Have a good life. Don't even bother coming. Fuck this
The applause the elation on the skin
Yeah, it's an egg sheep on thy skin
You dick slick rod
You god damn motrins!
You guys, uh, can't you guys record this in a real studio?
Extra supreme hold on my yard's advocates me college special
The biscuits are at breakfast tonight
Crusty fuzzy nuts. Bye!