"Little Boy" lyrics - SODOM

"Little Boy"

Mother's little freckled boy,
His father's pride,
A little beauty sweet beloved,
The sunshine of their lives.

There's something in the air tonight,
Little Boy,
Send greetings to the other side,
Little boy.

Resting by your teddy's side,
Sleeping without guilt,
With magic in your mind inside,
No war inside your dreams.

Gonna see the life below,
Little boy,
Dead means when you touch the ground,
Little boy,
No God will pray the world to leave,
Little Boy,
'Cause God himself the one who did.

The truth with dirt, in it's face,
With bubble in his hair,
Innocence of babyhood,
Never really care.

I let you go, leave me alone,
Little boy,
My work is done now it's your turn,
Little boy,
I can't look back just say goodbye,
Little boy,
Appeared to me, so shinning bright,
Little boy.

How many ears need a man,
To hear the people cry?
How many times a man must look,
Before he see the sky?
How many years a mountain need,
Before it washed to the sea?
How many times some people need,
To get allowed to live?