"Shadowchild" lyrics - SOILWORK

(Alfred B. Frenning / Peter Wichers)

I lick the surface of a freedom ride
Under a hammering light... I scream!
Let's roll the dice of the future, burning in my hand,
I've built destruction upon the velvet skies
Maybe I'm strong, maybe I'm wrong

Lead us, Shadowchild - soiled be your faith in disguise
Shadowside - reflecting the eyes

I'm raising hell, a magic spell
Pain and pleasure together as one,
I will recall, I will recall
When I'm down the stairs... I spit human cries, I can feel when they lie
My sun being one with the... Universe Hear my call

Creating my crown from the millions of lights
I'm abused beyond recognition
Pre-Millennium futuristic I predict you all to live
Under an individual sun
We're all collecting our senses and run...

Lead us, Shadowchild - soiled by your faith in disguise,
Shadowside - reflecting the eyes,
Lead us, Shadowchild - the truth's lying far from your life,
Shadowside - reflecting the eyes...