"Wherever Thorns May Grow" lyrics - SOILWORK

"Wherever Thorns May Grow"

I'm gaining trust for a lifetime,
Wherever thorns may grow.
Bleeding wounds turn into prosperity,
With a disintigrated revolt.
Better not fail with a guideline,
Better not die with any seconds denied.
Shelter runs by for the final time,
Just take a step outside.
Just stab the reason and make it bleed (stab it and watch it bleed)
Becoming one with the guilt that you feel.

Better take a look inside,
Will you ever realize?
The greatest effort ever known. (ever known)
Before you let the pain decide.
Run back and you'll only find,
Resurrection through it all.

Better start to deal with your tension,
Rather not fade as you've gone through it all.
Shelter becomes blank without redemption,
You're destined to make the call.
You think it's time to just give it away (giving it back as you've failed)
Reconsider the vibe as you forget and forsake.

I've got my mind made up,
Shock, denial, anger, acceptance.
I'll watch those demons drop,
For my presence, for my sake.