"Sportin' Life" lyrics - SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE MCGHEE

"Sportin' Life"

Well, I'm tired of runnin' around
Well, I wanna marry and, and settle down
This ole sportin' life
It is a mean life and it's killin' me

I got a letter, got a letter from my home
All of my friends are, they are dead and gone
It'll make you worry
It'll make you wonder about days to come

My mother she used to talk to me
Young and foolish and I could not see
I have no mother
My sisters and brothers won't talk to me

She used to fall on her knees and pray
These are the words, mother, she used to say
She would say, Brownie
Oh, Brownie, please change your ways

Now, I'm goin' to change my ways
I'm gettin' older each and every day
When I was young and foolish
I was easy, easy let astray

I've been gambler and a cheater too
But now its come my time to lose
This ole sportin' life
Has got the best hand, what can I do?

There ain't but one thing that I think that I done wrong
I liv'd that sportin' life, my friend, most too long
I said, it's no good
Please believe me, please leave it alone