"Find It" lyrics - SPIRIT CARAVAN

"Find It"

'Twas a snake it woulda bit ya
So close you know it's in ya
Urgently move forward because elements of change
Ruby shield of greed consumes
All the garnered trust misused
Ain't nothin' but a shame

Your sickness of the heart ain't cured
With only golden medicine
Witness of a heart unpure
With coldness as the lesson

The crucial pieces of the plan
Must watch what they are doin'
Takin' everything they can is the plot they're brewin'
A creature now of habit sworn
On the sleeve the heart is worn
His lock we must undo it!
Soldiered on philosophy every word profound
Smolderin' animosity free voices resound!

Find it now you'll find your way
Understanding how to play
Their blind is up, now see through it
Seems your luck is runnin' down
You can always turn around
Get up and do it!

I've done some hurtin', you felt betrayed
We're always learnin' from yesterday