"Powertime" lyrics - SPIRIT CARAVAN


Seize The Day, With Burning Might
Dreams Roll Away, With The Proud Sunlight
Aint Gonna Be No Underdog
See Right Through Deception's Fog
Can't Buy Me Off To Take No Fall
And I Won't Roll Over No Not At All

We're Gonna Ride In The Cloudswept Sky
Gonna Taste A Love Divine
Gonna Melt Into One Body's
Mind We're Gonna See Powertime!

It's Been So Long Since There's Been A Place
That You Call Home
Now The Power's Strong, Lust Embrace
Into The Cosmos Roam
Aint Gonna Be No Whippin' Boy
No Greedy Leader's Pawnlike Toy
It's One Great Big Conspiracy
You'll Have To Kill Me First
To Put The Chains On Me!!

Gonna Ride In The Cloudswept Sky
Gonna Share A Love Divine
Transgress Dimension's Boundry Lines
Gonna Feel...

Come With Me, Powertime!
It's Powertime, Powertime!!