"Walking With Jesus" lyrics - SPIRITUALIZED

"Walking With Jesus"

I walked with Jesus and he would say
"Oh you poor child, you ain't coming with me, no way"
He found Heaven on earth, he's gonna burn for your sins
But I think I'll be good company down there with all of my friends
Well I got around to thinking about what Jesus said to me
'Cause if Heaven's like this then that's the place to be
It's a long long time between now and my death
And I've gotta have my fun so I've chosen what's best

Here it comes
Here comes the sound
The sound of confusion

So listen sweet lord forgive me of my sins
'Cause I can't stand this life without all of these things
I know I've done wrong but I'm in Heaven on earth
I know I've done wrong but I could have done you worse

Jesus please meet me at the center of the earth
Because these wings are gonna fail me
And I could've done you worse