"As Long As We Ride" lyrics - SPOCK'S BEARD

"As Long As We Ride"

Let's get this engine started
Pack up the trunk with all we own
No lookin' back we're our way
We're restless and open-hearted
Flowers in a junkyard garden
Can't think of a reason we should stay

As long as we ride
Readin' the road
Doesn't even matter
Where we're gonna go
Cheatin' signs
Jumpin' our load
Sittin' in the back
Sayin' something funny
And we'll all be doin' fine
As long as we ride

We'll follow the dashboard dancer
Chasing a postcard-perfect moon
We'll crank up "The King" and sing along
Well maybe we'll find the answers
Or maybe we'll just keep drivin'
With a full tank how can we go wrong